Massachusetts Criminal Appeals Attorney

For over two decades, Attorney Michelle Menken has been fighting hard on behalf of people accused or convicted of wrongdoing. Her training and experience as a defense attorney in both State and Federal Courts, at all levels of the criminal process, have yielded a top-tier appellate advocate. Her approach is creative yet practical – she is unafraid to try a new or different angle if it can help her client’s position – and that approach has led to great results for a lot of deserving people. Clients of Attorney Menken benefit from her pragmatism, her fearlessness, her accessibility, and her creativity.

If you have been convicted of a crime and you want to undo the conviction or minimize its impact on your future, contact Attorney Menken. She will apply her sophisticated understanding of the law and legal strategy to conduct a comprehensive review of your case, looking for any issues that might lead to a reversal of your conviction, a reduction of your sentence, a clearing of your record, or other relief. Even if you were happy with the attorney you used in your original trial, you might discover that a fresh pair of eyes on the case can make a difference.



July 2021
The SJC issued an opinion in an interlocutory appeal briefed and argued by Attorney Menken on behalf of a juvenile defendant. In its unanimous decision, the state’s highest court agreed with Attorney Menken that G. L. c. 233, § 20, Fourth prohibits prosecutors from calling parents to testify against their children, but allows juveniles to call their parents to testify for the defense. The Court observed that “[t]he plain language of [the statutory provision], its neighboring provisions, and its purpose all support the juvenile’s interpretation.”

Attorney Menken prides herself on being engaged, accessible, and efficient. She is dedicated to providing her clients with practical results in an effective and responsive manner. Contact Attorney Menken at 617-795-0459 for more information on how she can address your legal needs.