For Attorneys

Attorney Michelle Menken is available to other attorneys at the trial and appellate level in both private and appointed cases. Services she offers for other attorneys include the following: 

Litigation Assistance 

  • Litigating complex legal motions at the trial level, thereby helping to ensure that the record is preserved as best as possible for appeal; 
  • Serving as second seat or co-counsel in serious felony trials to ensure issues are properly preserved; 
  • Litigating interlocutory appeals.

Research and Composition

  • Drafting complex portions of appellate briefs; 
  • Examining novel theories of defense;
  • Formatting appellate briefs to comply with the rules for electronic pleadings;
  • Designing electronic pleadings to be dynamic, easy to follow, and user friendly.

Consultation and Training 

  • Consulting on issue spotting and preservation at trial;
  • Consulting on e-briefing and persuasive formatting techniques; 
  • Facilitating group workshops on best practices for electronically filed pleadings;
  • Providing 1:1 training for lawyers and / or their staff on best practices for electronically filed pleadings;

To request further information or to set-up an initial consultation, please contact Attorney Michelle Menken